Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sound and Image Relationships

I think that music videos do a good job of trying to blend music and visuals into a new coherent form of media. It’s also interesting the different angles that music videos will try to take. In one instance they can try to tell a story that mirrors that of the song, or they can try to tell a new one all on it’s own and they’ll have the song in the background for reference. Videos might just be more deliberate and they’ll have the artist or band singing the song and a whole bunch of other stuff will be going on in the background.

The video that I decided to look at was “Gold on the Ceiling” by the Black Keys. Other than the fact that I like the song I decided to pick it because in this instance the video’s director decided to create a sort or montage direction. They decided to play the song in sync with what seems to be a bunch of footage from the band’s touring dates. The director is constantly cutting to and from different shots in a way to trying to make sure that everything in the video is coherent. I also like the seamless transitions between cuts that the director makes when trying to make the song a diagetic element for the video, by having the lead singer sing the song in question throughout different shots. At first you’ll see them performing in New York, then in a studio recording and finally a cut to Hamburg and it’ll all seem fluid.

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