Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sound Walk

The Village is a pretty hustle and bustle kind of place. Most people would be under the impression that noise is too much and everything seems to run together. But they don’t seem to catch the individual aspects of that clutter that can make up all of the hustle and bustle. Today a lot of the noise was contributed to construction being done up Houston St which I guess would be the neighborhood’s soundmark. During lunch time there isn’t as much foot traffic and noise around the east village because it’s a little more residential than tourist attraction. As opposed to a Saturday night where it has a very vibrant night life with a lot of people/drunkards making noise. There aren’t as many people so you can’t hear a ton of foot traffic. There was a light drizzle and while you can’t hear the rain itself, as a result a sound signal that stood out to me was the sound of tires treading across the wet pavement on the street.

While you can’t really hear a lot of the background sounds because of the construction work, but you can definitely hear the subtle scuffle of tourists making their way up Houston as well as them snapping photos. Every couple of seconds you can hear the car-horns honking. Along Houston you can also hear faint sounds of the trains passing below your feet in the station. you can also making out the faint sounds of whistles probably coming from the construction workers and crossing guards.

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